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Receive exceptional restaurant marketing services from our consulting company in Greater Washington, D.C. Hospitality Consultants features a staff of dedicated restaurant specialists and an executive chef that is ready to help you get your restaurant on the right track. By choosing our services, you can increase your customer base and begin making more money. Contact us at (888) 637-5595 to learn more about our consultation services.
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Whether you want to revamp your menu or teach your restaurant staff how to properly cook for and service your patrons, the restaurant marketing staff at the Hospitality Consultants consulting company is here to help you. As a chef that has worked in many different restaurant situations for more than 20 years, executive chef Jeffrey Orel has the experience and know-how to help you redevelop your restaurant into a magnificent eatery.

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Training & Certifications:

 • Servesafe, Safety and Sanitation, First Aid 
 • Food Manager's Certificate: Florida, Washington
   DC, Colorado, Virginia, Maryland

 • American Culinary Federation, ACF Certified Chef
   de Cuisine 
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